Jake Aloe Dean

Jake Aloe Dean

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First Name * Jake
Last Name * Aloe Dean
Username * AloeDesign
Country * USA
City Reston


Current Position Animator;Artist;Compositor;Designer;Modeller
Areas of Expertise AdvertistingArchitectureMotion Picture or VideoPost ProductionTelevisonVFXVisualisation
Preferred Tools After EffectsMAYAMental RayMudboxShakeAnimationCompositingDesignModelingLightingRiggingArt Direction


Availability: Freelance
Website Aloedesign.com


Aloe Design is a small animation studio in Washington DC. We love to create high-quality 3D animation and motion graphics for entertainment, corporate, and government needs. Our campaigns have reached more than 20 million people daily in formats that include broadcast, web, interactive, and jumbotron. Our expertise ranges from space animation to microscopic interactions, from architectural sales to construction accidents, from missile smoke to teleportation.
Our clients include NASA, GEICO, Moviefone, Honeywell, TimeWarner, AIM, Friends, and Ellen, as well as Top20 musicians such as Nelly, Avril Lavigne, Ashlee Simpson, and Linkin Park.